DHS PROJECT - Ore Discovery

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G&C Nevada Royalty Corp -
DHS Project

Humboldt County, Nevada, 60 miles NW of Winnemmucca, US.


Epithermal gold-silver deposits of the quartz-adularia type at the DHS project were emplaced in a local Jerry Creek Permian volcano-clastic field. The potential deposit should be a combination of high-grade bonanza veins, medium grade breccias, and lower grade dissemination. High-grade banded veins (up to 0.9 opt Au) should be located west and within historic drilling intercepts, but zones with less than 0.1 ounces per ton (oz/ton) gold also are significant and probably would constitute ore elsewhere without the veins (historic intercept cover by alluvium). Silicified hydrothermal breccias could be an important host associate with structures cross.
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